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Living and Dealing with ADD/ADHD

ADD/ADHD is a challenge many people deal with in their day to day lives. No matter your age, early childhood through late adulthood, focus, anxiety, frustration, and depression, all seem to go hand in hand with ADD/ADHD. No matter how you label it; mom brain, the funk, focus challenged, forgetful… it likely lands us in the ADD/ADHD category.

Suffering from inattentiveness, impulsivity, hyperactivity, lack of ability to complete a task, poor planning, sometimes even depression and anxiety, are all symptoms that CBD can help keep under control.

As adults we tend to “medicate” ourselves out of frustration. ADD/ADHD can lead to substance abuse, a depressed demeanor, or even feelings of uncontrollable anxiety when things don’t go the way we want because of our ADD/ADHD.

One of the best bits of news we received as a family was learning about the benefits of Full Spectrum CBD and the successes that have been found to help children and adults who suffer from this disorder. CBD is a gentle and natural yet effective option to help control the brain a bit!

CBD is interacting with the body's own endocannabinoid system (ECS) and influences the brain’s reaction to moods, memory, pain, focus, and attention. The ECS receptors in the brain and nervous system regulate and stabilize it while having a direct effect on energy levels and focus. The positive interaction with the body’s serotonin levels also helps us feel upbeat and happy as we go through day-to-day tasks instead of run down, tired, and/or irritable.

Everyone’s body will process, react, and utilize CBD slightly differently. Finding the right dosage for your height, weight, and severity of symptoms is extremely important. Also knowing the quality of the plants and ingredients in your CBD is vital to your health and successful results. Make sure the seller of your CBD products can discuss all of this with you as well as be able to provide 3rd party testing to you immediately. Not all CBD is created equal and, in some instances, “bad” CBD can cause more harm than good.

Beautanicals Wellness CBD Boutique is here and ready to help you start, readjust, and navigate your healthy CBD journey!

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