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Getting Fit, Mentally and Physically with CBD

Cheers to a new year! December is my most favorite month of the year, the colors, the celebrations, seeing family and friends, MY BIRTHDAY, ending the year and counting every blessing, remembering every lesson, laughing at the crazy, and crying because the year flew by so fast! But January, January is a very close second. The promise of new beginnings, the ability to steer a new course, and to truly set life altering goals.

If you are anything like me, the goals are easy to make and to write down, but a little harder to follow through on. I am good to go for the first three weeks, but something about that 4th week, is where things tend to unravel. Maybe the newness wears off, maybe life gets back to its hectic pace, maybe it's just too cold to run outside, maybe those sore muscles hurt a little more on a cold winter morning, maybe the mental toughness we had on January 1 is just not so tough 4 weeks later… Whatever the reason… or excuse… It happens to most of us! A positive attitude is one of the most powerful tools we have and it can determine not only what we are willing to do, but how we are willing to do it. Anyone can show up at the gym, but not everyone can stay focused and deliberate in every activity and exercise to strengthen our body, sweat out the toxins, and release all those beautiful endorphins. CBD can help you fight this battle… Make no mistake, Mood is indeed a battle and we make the choice of how our mood will affect pretty much everything that pops up during our day to day life. Cannabidoil can keep mood swings in check, calm anxiety and fear, help get you QUALITY sleep, give you the mental clarity to train your body and assist in your overall attractiveness… That's right, I said it, it can help make us prettier (or handsomer)! We all know the muscles are going to hurt a little and discomfort is not typically something we are comfortable with. Pain and discomfort can be hard to fight through, but CBD can help with that too! CBD can regulate the sensation of pain that we feel and fight the inflammation within our bodies by waking up those cannabinoid receptors within our body and putting them to work! Less pain, faster healing, will help us stick with those New Year’s resolutions and in turn make us feel good about ourselves and our accomplishments. I recommend Beautanicals Wellness 500 mg Full Spectrum CBD Capsules to help with mental clarity and focus partnered with our 1,000 mg Athletic Rub for sore muscles, and a CBD Epsom Salt Soak to help you relax at the end of the day

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